Matt & Matt

How do you show people that is about more than just cheap hotels?

We led the innovation side of the pitch - showing off the brand’s tech expertise and huge archive of travel data.

We proposed several different, quick executable ways they could communicate this - keeping things useful and human. Finding new and unexpected ways to make finding the perfect holiday easier or more fun. And turning boring data into something which people can understand.

1. We created a suite of search tools which could live independently of the hub
A playful future-thinking beta site for testing experimental ideas. Turning data into fun, shareable search tools.


2. We created a living, interactive data visualisation
An illustrated hotel which updates to reflect the kind of holidays and accommodation customers are currently booking.


3.  We used hotel reviews and user comments to bring about world peace (sort of) 
Start with two nations who don’t get along. Find positive reviews people have left after visiting each other’s countries, from the tens of millions (it really is that many) posted on Then play them back to each other. Instant global harmony.