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Malibu Rum - The Best Summer Ever


To show a new generation of people that Malibu is the ultimate summer drink, we handed their YouTube channel over to a team of up-and-coming vloggers and challenged them to have the Best Summer Ever.


How we did it

There aren’t many drinks more summery than Malibu rum. However, for a lot of people the brand is synonymous with the 80s, and that’s when they last drank it.

We wanted to get a new generation reaching for Malibu when the sun was out. Bringing a beloved retro brand up-to-date.

Time for the Best Summer Ever – a YouTube series which saw four talented up-and-coming vloggers unite to travel the world together, discovering all the things that make summer the best time of year.

They learnt BBQ skills from the pros in America’s deep south, surfed in Santa Cruz with world champs and partied with Berlin’s finest - turning incredible experiences into ideas which anyone can use to have the Best Summer Ever.

There were full longer form hero episodes which explored a location - from the west coast of the USA to the Isle of Wight Festival. There were quick films which focussed on a single topic and were packed full of inspirational ideas. And there were 15 second fast-paced summery montages.

Outside the YouTube series there was a massive collection of complementary summer related activities, attention-grabbing summery out of home spots and custom 360 London Underground wrappers.

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