How do you turn an elite running shoe
into a streetwear icon?

Gotta Run - hero image.jpg

Originally launched a pro running shoe, Nike decided the Zoom Fly needed to appeal to a wider audience. The shoe had to keep its running credentials, but speak to young sneakerheads.

So other than fitness, why do cool young city-dwellers need to run? Obviously because they’re so busy doing cool stuff that they’re always running late for the next cool thing.

Our Gotta Run campaign led with a series of films which saw rapper Kelvyn Colt jumping from one moment in his life to the next. Shot to work in multiple ratios, especially full-screen portrait and built to be stacked one after another - repeating the punchline over and over for maximum impact and comedy.

The rest of the Gotta Run campaign rolled out across social statics and in store spots across Europe.


The concept for the film series was also recreated in local markets, reworked to suit regional talent, like the french films which starred rugby player Teddy Thomas.

The films in all their widescreen glory: