How do you make a 20-year-old pair of trainers feel futuristic?


In 2017 Nike relaunched the Air Max 97 - a mid-nineties classic that was originally designed to look futuristic. We thought they still looked pretty revolutionary twenty years later.

The shoes were going to be worn by a selection of annoyingly-talented young people. So we dropped the retro feel Nike had gone for in store and print. We needed something that looked 2017 futuristic.

We wanted to do a classic street-style shoot, but with a twist of the near future.
So we found the team who created the incredible visuals in the live action Ghost In The Shell movie, and set them to work transforming our European locations into futuristic vistas.

Some stats:

Facebook reach was over 6.2 million with an impressive 3.6 million views.

There were over 1 million completed views on Snapchat, and nearly 2.5 million people saw the videos on Instagram stories.

But most importantly, we drove 450,000 people to shop for the sneaker via the Nike AM97 product page.


It was one of those projects where the finished article looked spookily close to the first scamps...