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Combining the nation’s favourite mascot and the internet’s love of gifs, we gave the established brand a new way to talk to people online. And gave the public a new way to express their feelings, using a knitted monkey.


How we did it

PG tips are one of the UK’s most beloved brands and their secret weapon is Monkey, the no-nonsense knitted puppet.

But when it came to talking directly to their audience, he was nowhere to be seen.

This needed to change. We convinced the brand to talk to their audience in a completely different way. The key was a suite of gifs, expressing a huge (and carefully researched) range of emotions.

We launched the gifs at the most important time of the day for tea-drinkers: the morning.

At the start of every day, we had a crack team on Twitter using Monkey to talk to real people (and celebs) as they tweeted about the highs and lows of their mornings from their beds, bathrooms and buses to work. The range of emotions we’d created allowed us to join in with virtually any conversation.

And then people started using the gifs themselves.

We also partnered with Giphy to create a hub for the gifs. Which meant they landed on gif keyboards across Twitter, iOS and Whatsapp.

The campaign was a massive success for PG tips, with Monkey becoming a mainstay across all of their social channels and even sneaking into out of home spots.


Here he is turning up in an out of home ad.

In the first 6 weeks alone, those gifs got over 25 million organic views.

A couple of years later and we're pushing HALF-A-BLOODY-BILLION...


Even more Monkey… this time comedy-themed