How do you turn a tiny opportunity into something massive?

After a big pitch win, everyone was excited to get stuck into our new client, PG tips.
Then came the first brief: 'Four tweets to get people thinking about our range of different morning tea blends.'


We wanted to turn that into something bigger. 

So we used the social currency of the internet - gifs - to join the nation's conversations in the morning.

We created a collection of gifs starring our biggest brand asset, Monkey, conveying a huge range of emotions.

The first thing we did with these gifs was to create the four product-focussed tweets. Brief answered.

Then we went further...

At the start of every day, we had a crack team on Twitter using Monkey to talk to real people as they tweeted about the highs and lows of their mornings from their beds, bathrooms and buses to work.

We got a ridiculous number of replies and retweets, from celebs to regular folk.


We also partnered with Giphy to create a hub for the gifs.
And we uploaded them to gif keyboards on Twitter, iOS and Whatsapp, so people could use them to express their own morning moods.

The campaign was a massive success for PG tips - Monkey gifs spread across all of PG's social channels and into out of home spots.

In the first 6 weeks alone, those gifs got over 25 million organic views.

A couple of years later and we're pushing HALF-A-BLOODY-BILLION...



The gifs just kept on giving, so PG continued making them for future campaigns.