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Sainsbury’s Storytellers

Sainsbury’s - Christmas


For Christmas at Sainsbury’s we created a campaign encouraging parents to share the joy of reading with their children. Loads of people shared videos with us which we played back in our social channels. We finally combined them all into a TV spot which ran over Christmas.


How we did it

People get over a big-budget Christmas TV ad after the first couple of views. We wanted something which kept Sainsbury’s on people’s minds all the way up to Christmas. So with our audience’s help we made a second TV ad, starring them!

So… for Christmas Sainsbury’s brought back kid’s book classic Mog the Cat in a new edition, to raise money for Save The Children, supported by a big budget TV ad promoting the story.

We launched a film for our social audiences all about the power of reading together with your children. It concluded with a simple ask: show us your storytelling skills by sharing clips of you reading to your kids.


This got an amazing organic response with loads of real families sitting down together to read, then hopping onto social to show off their storytelling skills. We spun these into weekly best-of mini edits which we shared back to our audiences.

The response we received was such a success that we combined the best reading moments into a TV ad which aired across Britain over Christmas.

Some of the shiny stuff: