How do you get people hunting for your product?

Sainsbury’s wanted a simple way to get people excited about the ten Comic Relief Red Noses collectables they sell. The noses were packaged so you couldn't tell which of the ten you were getting. We got our audiences on social to start the hunt for the noses before they even got in store.

Our game used an innovative take on Facebook’s 360 functionality. Partnering with award-winning illustrator Matt Johnstone, we created a surreal supermarket-inspired take on a British landscape. The animated scene is packed full of funny details to discover. Users have 60 seconds to explore the landscape, looking around the 360 scene to try and find all of the Red Nose characters.


In channels, like Instagram, which don’t support 360 video, we turned the scene into a simple 30 second film which explores the whole animated landscape and allows people to hunt for the noses there.