Matt & Matt

Walkers - Win Live


We gave a boring Saturday night TV competition a cheeky voice. A charming chatbot helped you enter the competition and then kept you and the family entertained during the ad breaks with games and jokes. Comp winners were announced live through the chatbot and on TV.


How we did it

We used some Facebook wizardry and a joke-telling AI to revolutionise the way Walkers runs promotions…

Walkers crisps are for sharing. That’s why they decided to sponsor one of the last true family events – Saturday nights on ITV. I’m a Celebrity, Saturday Night Takeaway, X Factor… the lot.

The campaign centred around an on-pack prize draw. During Saturday night ad breaks, people were reminded to use their packs of Walkers crisps to enter the competition, with the winner announced live on TV at the end of the show they were watching.

Walkers normally used SMS texts for entry. But with Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat to distract people, text messages just weren’t going to cut it anymore. Enter Walkers Win Live - the Facebook competition Chatbot.

Scan your pack of crisps with Facebook Messenger and let our chatbot take over.
This isn’t just any chatbot, it‘s a Saturday-night-TV chatbot – packed with gags, glitz and self-deprecation.


Then once you’ve entered the competition, the conversation doesn’t end. There are jokes about the shows you‘re watching, silly quizzes and ridiculous would you rather questions to play with. All to keep you entertained while you wait to find out if you’ve won.

And at the end of Saturday night, Gary Lineker himself (with the help of some green screen trickery) rocks up on TV in the ad break to announce the winner live, as a congratulations message lands on your phone.